Load Cell for Weighing System

Welcome to Perk Mercantile Pvt. Ltd., renowned industry for providing load cell for weighing system in Mumbai, Maharshtra, India. We provide wide range of load cell weighing systems ideal for all your weighing needs. Through our extensive research and vast experience in the industry we became top load cell weighing systems manufacturers, supplier, exporter and dealer in India.

Our load cell designed with robust, high performance delivery to suit various applications and requirements. These load cells can be use for various application such as, tensile testing, weighing, industrial automation and research application, platform scales, tank and hopper weighing systems, food industries & harsh corrosive environment, Floor Scale, Tank weighing systems, etc..

As a renowed and leading load cell weighing systems manufacturers, suppliers and exporter in India we have manufacturerd, supply and export Load Cell for weighing scale in various cities and states of India such as, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, New Delhi, Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh, etc. and exporting other countries like Malaysia, China, Korea and Saudi Arabia.

(S Type)

CZL 803
( Single Ended Shear Beam)

(Pin Type)

(Rope Tension Type)

Load Cell for Special Applications

(Bellow Type)

(Miniature Load Cell)

(Button Type Load Cell)

(Pan cake type load cell)